Al-Taqwa College has a canteen which runs from Monday to Thursdays.  This is run by an external organisation.  On Fridays the Masjid holds a BBQ lunch offering sausages ($2.50), burgers ($3.50) and chicken kebabs ($5).

How to Order
All orders must be placed in a clear plastic snap lock bag, together with the order note, correct money, student’s name and class details.  Orders not placed in a snap lock bag will not be accepted.

Canteen Menu (click here for a PDF)

Chicken Burger $4.00 Tuna and Salald in a container (H) $4.00
Mashed Potato and 3 Nuggets $3.00 Chicken Schnitzel, Lettuce & Mayo Roll $5.00
Baked Spring Roll (V) $2.00 Chicken Schnitzel and Salad Roll $6.00
Grilled Beef Burger (H) $4.00 Tuna Roll (H) $3.50
2 Minute Noodles $2.00 Salad Roll (H, V) $3.00
Pasta Bolognaise $3.00 Salad in a container (V, H) $3.00
Meat Pies (Mon & Thurs) $4.00 Any Extras, incl cheese $1.00
Sausage Rolls (Mon & Thurs) $4.00 Half Serves = Half Price  
Chicken Schnitzel & Salad in a container (H) $6.00
Hash Brown $1.00 SNACKS
Steamed Dim Sims $1.00 Popcorn $1.50
Veggie Burger (order only)  $5.50 Mamee Noodles $1.00
DRINKS Icy Poles (Zooper Doopers) $1.00
Water $2.00 Flavoured Chips $2.00
Mineral Water $2.50 Paddle Pops $1.50
Iced Tea $3.00 Jam Donuts $2.50
Oak Milk $3.00
Fruit Juice Boxes $1.00
Canned Drinks $2.00

Soy Sauce (Reduced salt), Tomato Sauce, Sweet Chilli Sauce, 97% Fat Free Mayo, 97% Fat Free Italian Dressing.

CODES  –  V = Vegetarian Foods, H = Healthy Food Options