ATC Now!

Students from secondary and primary school help produce and star in these periodical news casts covering latest happenings, sports, and other issues around Al-Taqwa. To stay in the loop, catch the latest episode of ATC Now!

ATC Now! Newscast Episode 302

ATC Now! Newscast Episode 301

ATC Now! Newscast Episode 204

Special Presentations & Events

Make a Difference, Shape the Future

100 Days of Foundation

Secondary Trip to Qatar, Makkah and Madina

Jamie Oliver Healthy Eating Pilot Program

Open Day Highlights

Open Day Teaser

Mosque Etiquette

Secondary Career Week

Parents-Teacher Bonding Sessions Grades 4,5 & 6

Interview with Sheikh Mohammad Khodr (Lebanon)

Remembering Our Sheikh Abdel Aziem

Eid al-Fitr at Al-Taqwa 2018

VCAL Eid Fundraiser

Hear in My Shoes – Focus on Ability Entry 2018

Welcome Ramadan Nasheed by Primary Choir

Work Placement Portal – VCAL

VCAL Program at Al-Taqwa

Sunnah Man Series Ep 2

The Other Son

The Faith, The Journey

Interview with Sheikh Abdel Aziem

Ramadan Gems

Sheikh Warsama Bulhan shares short messages and advice about making the most out of the month of Ramadan in this series called “Ramadan Gems”