ATC Now!

Students from secondary and primary school help produce and star in these periodical news casts covering latest happenings, sports, and other issues around Al-Taqwa. To stay in the loop, catch the latest episode of ATC Now!

ATC Now! Newscast Episode 205

ATC Now! Newscast Episode 204

Al-Aqsa Play by Dawah and Hifz Kids Grade 6

ATC Now! Newscast Episode 203

ATC Now! Newscast Episode 202

ATC Now! Newscast Episode 201

2017 Secondary Sports Day Report

ATC Now! Newscast Episode 102

ATC Now! Newscast Episode 101

Special Presentations & Events

The Other Son

The Faith, The Journey

Sunnah Man Series Ep 1

Grades 4-6 Parents-Teachers Bonding Session

“We Are the World” Cover – Harmony Day 2017

Autism Awareness Skit – by Student Support Services

Grades 5 & 6 Assembly Performances

2017 Harmony Day by Grade 5

Anti-Bullying Skit – from 5G

Masjid Art Exhibit at Parliament House

2016 Grade 6 Graduation Video (Funny)

Primary SRC Winners Campaign Speeches

Al-Taqwa Enrolment Process

Al-Taqwa School Values

Prep Orientation Video


ATC Now Vision Night Edition 2016

2016 Harmony Day Grade 5

2014 Grade 6 Graduation HIghlights

2014 Hajj Practice – Primary

2014 Al-Taqwa College TV Spot

2014 Vision Night Highlights

2014 VCE Graduation Night Highlights

Zaky Visits Primary – 2014

2014 Annual School Fete Highlights