Sport Facilities
The College has its own sport Multi-Sporting Complex at the rear end of the compound. This multi-sporting complex, 100m by 40m, has 10 running tracks, 5 tennis/netball courts and a soccer field. All sporting events e.g. soccer, netball, volley ball, tennis, including inter-house and inter-school competitions, are held at this complex. Full-time PE and Sports coordinator is available for PE and training. To enhance the specific sports, we also engage a part-time sports coach to train our students for the various sports.

As we would like to encourage students to be more active and involved in the sporting activities, we have set a budget for special events and competitions, including the training sessions for our students. Other schools may use our multi-sporting complex by contacting our Sports Coordinator who would be able to provide further details on the matter.

Multipurpose Hall
For indoor activities, we have the multi-purpose hall for basketball, badminton, table tennis, chess, drama, etc.

The number of activities held here has increased two-fold for the past few years. To name just a few, there are the Ramadan Quran Competition, the Inter-school Quiz Competitions, VCE Graduation and Grade 6 Graduation.

Science Labs
We have 2 science labs in the Secondary section with the latest technology. The laboratory is being run by 2 Science Technicians. Science pracs and preparation for chemistry, physics and biology are our favourite subjects in the school. During Science Week, we encourage students to indulge in their creativity, innovation, motivation by having many competitions for our students.

Interactive Whiteboards
We have the latest interactive whiteboards for illustrations (called TeamBoard) in 10 classrooms.

IT Labs & Library
We realise that Information Technology now plays an important role in the learning experience. Currently we have three computer labs and desktop computers in the Library which are used by all classes starting from grade 1 students to VCE students. Each IT lab consists of 30 desktop computers, a scanner, and a printer. Wireless network access also covers most areas of the College.

Art Room
The College has three art rooms for our students to create and express themselves. Their artwork is regularly on show at our Annual Art Exhibition held at the Wyndham Leisure and Events Centre. The Independant Schools of Victoria also hold an annual exhibition and choose works that our students have created.

You can view some of the artwork which is displayed in the Administration Building.

Home Economics
Al-Taqwa College has a home economics room for students to learn the basics of cooking. A ‘Cook Off’ is held each year where our students compete against each other to cook and design the perfect dish. Our staff have the privilage to become food critics for the day and tantalise their taste buds with magnificent tasty dishes.