Omar Hallak Principal
As the Principal of Al-Taqwa College, Mr Hallak oversees the operation of the entire College.  He serves as the education leader, responsible for managing the policies, regulations and procedures to ensure that all students are supervised in a safe Islamic environment.  He ensures that the College meets the approved curricula and the philosopy, mission statement, values and instructional goals of the College.Mr Hallak manages, evaluates and supervises effective and clear procedures for the operation and function of the school which includes instructional programs, extracurricular activities, program evaluation, personnel management, office operations, emergency procedures and maintenance of the buildings.  Mr Hallak ensures that the College is compliant with all laws, board policies and civil regulations.
Hussam Hallak Property Manager
As Property Manager, Hussam’s responsibilities include planning the needs of the Sayers Rd Campus with respect to building and grounds requirements. He must forecast future requirements and ensure that these plans are implemented to meet the needs of the growing school environment.
Rima Kanj

Behije Cura

Stefanos Chrisoulis

Gus Napoli

Miriam Haroun

Noorun Nisa Abdul Wahid

Nuzrath Abdul Rahuman

Leterim Jeka

Nisrine Amouri

Shareena Khan

Yasein Yassin

Urooj Shah

Yarra Bakri

Head of Primary

Head of Secondary Junior Years 6-9

Junior Years Level Coordinator/ VET/VCAL

Senior Years Coordinator 10-12

Head of Student and Teacher Services Foundation-G2

Head of Student and Teacher Services G3-5

Year 6 Level Coordinator

Year 7 Level Coordinator

Year 8 Level Coordinator

Year 9 Level Coordinator

Year 10 Year Level Coordinator

Year 11 Year Level Coordinator

Year 12 Year Level Coordinator

The Sub School Heads work in conjunction with the Principal, Coordinators, Business Manager, HR Manager and Property Manager to ensure efficient operation of the College in terms of environment, maintenance, health and safety and other aspects of campus development as required.
Mohammad Hallak Vice Principal / Business Manager
Mohammad manages all aspects of the Accounts Department, Transportation, Operations, Human Resources and Marketing Departments by ensuring designated roles, policies and procedures are assigned. He develops, plans, monitors and evaluates departmental budgets for each financial year.As well as chairing committees, Mohammad develops and fosters positive relationships with the College community in a transparent manner. He provides recommendations, key information and material to the board members and Trustees. He participates in leading initiatives designed to review the ongoing direction of the College and help frame its strategic plans for the future.  Mohammad participates in leading initiatives designed to review the ongoing direction of the Olive Branch Campus and help frame its strategic plans for the future. Mohammad is currently studying for his Doctorate in Business Administration.
Enas Ali, Ibtissam Shahino & Fatima Elia
Enrolment Officers
Enas, Ibtissam and Fatima’s roles at Al-Taqwa College is administration in the front office.  They are responsible for processing the enrolments, liaising with parents and assisting with their queries.  They also welcome visitors, assist staff and deal with student queries and issues.  They maintain the general administration within the front office.  Their role is quite varied and interesting with no two days alike.
Fadile Jeka & Adil Shaikh Accounts Receivable
Both Fadile and Adil’s roles are ensuring that all invoices are sent home as well as dealing directly with parents paying their school fees.
Sameh Aghbash Transport Coordinator
Sameh’s role at Al-Taqwa is to maintain the transport system for our students.  He works closely with Bacchus Marsh Coaches to ensure our students are safe during their journeys to and from school.  Sameh also assists our IT Deparment.
Fatima Elia Parent Liaison Officer
Fatima’s responsibility as the Parent Liaison Officer is to assist all parents with any issues which may arise concerning their children at the College. Parents are welcome to discuss, in confidence, any aspect of school life. The main objective with this role is to listen, advise and resolve all situations.
Maha Saleh Counselling and Welfare Coordinator
As the Counselling and Welfare Coordinator, Maha’s role focuses on the welfare and wellbeing needs of primary and secondary students at Al-Taqwa College.  Her primary duties are to coordinate the provision of counselling services for students in need of individual assistance, plan and coordinate personal development and wellbeing programs for students, training for staff members and information and support for families.  Maha collaborates with leadership teams, teachers and families to strive to meet the welfare and wellbeing needs of all Al-Taqwa students.
Jeff Bolton Horticulture Coordinator
Jeff’s responsibilities include developing the Olive Branch Campus into a Horticulture Training Facility for our students and the wider community.  Jeff implements the Certificate II in Horticulture as a VCE subject.  He also develops other programs which enhance the development of our College.