The International Islamic Schools Indonesia (IISI), Sentul, Jakarta, Indonesia

Our Sentul Campus in Jakarta teaches the Australian Curriculum.  At present, the International (VCE) has been cited as the most credible and comprehensive certification program. VCE results awarded to students in Year 12 are used by universities to select students for undergraduate studies in countries such as Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the USA.

The school enrols both male and female students from pre-school through to Year 12.  The majority of the students are local.

The school curriculum offers quality courses in the following areas.  Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Computer Science, Social Studies including Indonesian History and Culture, English as main language, Arts (including Arabic and Indonesian language), Islamic Studies, Visual, Sound and Performing Arts and Physical Education.

In order to understand and appreciate Islamic culture and the role of other cultures, Literature classes include English, Arabic and Indonesian.  Art classes, for example, will prominently feature Islamic geometric and floral art, as well as Arabic calligraphy. Classes may also include Batik printing, tile making and metal engraving or other cultural crafts.

The curriculum is designed so that school-leavers returning to their native countries will easily re-enter their national schools.  Indonesian and non-Muslim students are welcome, however the former is governed by Indonesian Law stipulations, while the Islamic concept will be diffused throughout.

Student Housing
The Sentul Campus provides on-site boarding facilities for students upon request and availability.

IISI Mission
The Islamic Trust Fund of Victoria, ITFV was established in Australia in 1984 to provide education and learning experiences which are guided by principals of Islam. The need to establish a school (Grades K-12) with an integrated Islamic curriculum was a logical and natural extension of such a university (which prepares young minds, from the early state of their development), to see Islam as their source of inspiration and guidance in all aspects of their lives.

If you require further information, please contact:
Mr Omar Hallak
Telephone: +61 3 9269 5000