At Al-Taqwa we recognise all members of our learning community, including our students, staff and parents.  We value the relationship between learning and teaching.  Our values and virtues are underpinned by the Islamic ethos.

Since its inception in 1986, Al-Taqwa College has grown dramatically.  Our aim is to offer our students comprehensive programs at the highest standard.  Our curriculum is diverse and academically challenging.  We expect our students to achieve outstanding results throughout their educational years.

The Al-Taqwa College vision includes a commitment to be the leader of learning and teaching both locally and overseas.

Our mission is to be an independent learning centre accessible to the Muslim community.  The core of our mission is to promote, develop and encourage educational excellence as well as nurture leadership qualities for all students.  Our endeavour is to succeed at being one of the leading Islamic schools, offering a safe and caring environment, guided by Islamic principles.

Islamic studies are an integral part of our curriculum teaching in accordance to the Qur’an and Sunnah.  We believe it is important to begin teaching solid foundations at an early age.

Our students are well respected in the community. Upon leaving Al-Taqwa College, our students are prepared academically and socially to continue their life journey.