Al-Taqwa College (formerly known as The Islamic Schools of Victoria) is a P-12 Co-Educational School, with the aim of producing well educated and respected young Australian Muslims.

The school offers a comprehensive curriculum, providing for all learning needs while embracing and incorporating the Islamic Ethos.

Through its strong Discipline Policy, the school promotes the practice of high morals, responsibility for one’s own actions and self-discipline throughout the crucial years of learning.

The school provides a supportive environment and provides compassionate support through the encouragement and development of faith through curricular and extra curricular activities.


Enrolment 2024

School Fees

Click here for the 2024 school fees

Enrolment Form
If you would like to enrol your child at Al-Taqwa College for 2024, please download the Enrolment Form 2024 below.  Once you complete the Form, you must scan it along with the required documents (ie Birth Certificate, Reports, etc) and email it to enrolment@wicv.net  The enrolment will only be processed if the correct documentation has been received. For further information about Al-Taqwa College, you may contact the College on 03 9269 5000.
Enrolment Form 2024
Business Notice 2023-2024
Bus Booking Form 2024
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Enrolment 2025

Enrolment for 2025 at Al-Taqwa College is now easier than ever! Simply click the Enrolment Form 2025 below to access our online enrolment form. Once completed, upload clear and scanned copies of the required documentation (e.g., Birth Certificate, immunisation) directly through the online portal. Enrolment will be processed upon receiving all correct documentation.

Required documentation* (Photos will not be accepted, documents must be in English, clear and scanned with no background)

  1. Birth Certificate*
  2. Immunisation Certificate*
  3. Photograph (Clear White Background, Head & Shoulder in the photo)*
  4. Action Plan – Medical (if applicable)
  5. Passport (if applicable)
  6. Court Order (if applicable)
  7. Visa Grant Notice (if applicable)
  8. Any additional support documentation (if applicable)

School Fees

Please note that school fees for 2025 have not been released yet. For an indicative amount, refer to the 2024 School fees. For general information, please consult our Business Notice 2024. For any queries or additional information, feel free to contact the College at 03 9269 5000.

Enrolment Application Fee: $200

Acceptance Fee: $200

This is a reminder that the cut-off date for the first-round of 2025 foundation enrolment is June 5th. Any submissions completed after June 5th are not guaranteed to be assessed for the 2025 in Term 2 intake. If you have any queries, please contact the front office immediately.

Please be advised that for this enrolment form, the following definitions apply: One parent denotes a Single Parent, while Two parents signify a Couple.



All Al-Taqwa College students must be in full uniform at all times. Failure to adhere to the policy will result in the student being sent home. Hats are required to be worn by all students during terms 1 and 4.

All students who are in Prep to Grade 2 are required to wear the Al-Taqwa College sports uniform. The sports uniform consists of track pants, a polo top, either short or long sleeve, and a bomber jacket.

Boys in Grade 3 to 6 are required to wear the College shirt, trousers, tie and a navy woollen jumper. Boys from Grade 5 to 12 have the same uniform but with a blazer. If belts are required, they must be black.

Girls in Grade 3 to Year 12 are required to wear a tunic, shirt and the red woollen jumper. There are two tunics to choose from, summer (optional) or winter. Only the winter tunic is compulsory.

Boys must wear black leather lace ups for the general uniform. All girls are required to wear black leather school shoes, which buckle up.  Runners are required for sporting activities and must not be bright in colour.  All boys must wear black socks at all times.

Primary girls are to have black socks and secondary girls must wear white socks.

Sports Uniform
The boys sports uniform comprises of track pants, a short or long sleeve polo top and a bomber jacket. The girls are required to wear long sleeves at all times.

The boys’ sports uniform comprises of a short or long sleeve mesh polo, micro fibre track pants and a microfibre jacket. Again girls are must wear long sleeve polo tops.

All girls are required to wear a white scarf, white undercap or white hijab.

Al-Taqwa uniforms are available from PSW located at Unit 1/195 Old Geelong Rd, Hoppers Crossing VIC 3029.  Please contact them for a current price list on 9768 0312.