Welcome to the careers website of Al Taqwa College! This webpage is designed to give students and parents of Al Taqwa College simplified access to the diverse range of information that is readily available to assist students in exploring jobs and career options. Through career development education and exploration of careers, students develop the lifelong skills required to research and make career related decisions in the future.

The aim of career education at Al Taqwa College is not to make decisions for students about their future but to provide students with research skills and knowledge of themselves and careers related information to help them plan for their future and to assist them in developing the ability to make career related choices whilst at school and beyond.

The  aim of the Career Department is to promote learning and skills, to prepare students for future education and employment. The main unifying purpose is to improve access to skills and employment through education and training and to promote learning for social and personal development.

What is work experience?

Work experience involves secondary school students in short-term placements that broaden their experience and understanding of the world of work.

Work experience benefits students by:

  • Giving students an opportunity to explore career choices in a work setting
  • Improving understanding of the work environment and employers’ expectations
  • Increasing self understanding, maturity, independence and self confidence, especially in the workplace
  • Increasing motivation to continue study and/or undertake further training
  • Enhancing opportunities for part-time and casual employment
  • Providing an opportunity to include the placement in job and course applications
  • Providing an opportunity to develop contacts with potential employers

Career Development Programs

Career development programs within a school environment can vary and may include several components including career education programs; career counselling; information and resource management; pathways planning; mentoring; work experience programs; careers advice and guidance services.

The Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework can help young people to prepare for their future through the development of skills, knowledge and competencies required to self-manage their own careers. Career education provides young people with the tools they need to make informed career decisions and transitions from secondary school and throughout their lives.

Link: Careers Curriculim Framework website