The Career News newsletter is a compilation of a range of careers related information.

The newsletter is aimed at Year 9-12 students and may include details of seminars, information sessions and career related topics of interest to students as well as university courses and industry information. Career News is published on this page and in the school bulletin.

Open Day information

All Year 10-12 students are strongly encouraged to attend as many university and TAFE open days as possible.

What happens on Open Days?

  •  University/TAFEs are open for public to visit the campus and facilities
  •  Meet lecturers, current students, information officers
  •  Talk about courses and requirements

Why attend an Open Day? Students can:

  •  See what is really involved in the course – find out about content of the course and opportunities offered to students (work experience or overseas placements)
  •  Get familiar with the campus so your first day won’t seem so new
  •  Check out how you would get to uni; by public transport or car and  how long will it take?
  •  Is it the right place for you? is it a large or small campus? is it a bustling environment.


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