Year 10 students participate in the My Plan program which begins the process of career exploration. The program aims to create awareness of a student’s interests and the broad range of occupations available and encourages students to begin researching industries and jobs that relate to their own interests.

The program includes guest speakers from a variety of occupations and students are introduced to the MyFuture website and the Job Outlook website as resources to aid in exploring different jobs. Students are encouraged to access the links on this website under “Exploring Careers” to read a variety of job profiles. Students will also begin to learn about preparing a resume and application letter which are useful skills for applying for a casual job or a work experience placement.


MyFuture website

MyFuture is an Australian Government website designed as a careers information and exploration tool for teachers, students and parents. The site is interactive and includes a “MyGuide” section where students can begin to discover their interests and plan their career, as well as “The Facts” section with loads of information on loads of occupations and other resources.

Job outlook website

Job Outlook is a careers and labour market information site which lists hundreds of occupations and details information such as occupation size, job prospects, skills and weekly earnings of various jobs.


The Job Guide

The  Job Guide – a valuable resource for Year 10 students to assist with exploring interests and identifying potential career options with a view to determining education/qualifications required in these career areas and the pre-requisite subjects that need to be studied during VCE in order to be eligible for entry into a particular course at TAFE/University