Al-Taqwa College is providing the SEEP to address the learning needs of students who display a high degree of learning potential.  Al-Taqwa College uses the Higher Ability Selection Test (HAST) run by  the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to assess and place students in this Program for students currently in Years 5-8.

Curriculum enrichment differs from the mainstream program in that it:

  • provides a faster-paced curriculum with less repetition;
  • supports greater study of highly abstract, complex and in-depth concepts;
  • provides an opportunity to work cooperatively with peers of similar ability; and
  • supports students in developing complex, high level investigative, problem solving and creative thinking skills.


At Al-Taqwa College, students undertaking SEEP will be enriched in English, Mathematics and Science.

The benefits of SEEP are:

  • Students with high level of maturity and commitment, capable of independent learning will be offered to sit for the ACER High Ability Selection Test.
  • Eligible students will get a 100% scholarship for the rest of their schooling provided that they maintain a score of 90% or above in all their assessments throughout the year.
  • FREE Tuition support throughout VCE.
  • $2000 reward will also be offered to these students towards their university fees, a holiday or Umrah at their successful completion of Year 12 studies.


The Program is offered to students in Grades 3 to Year 9 each year.  Students wishing to join the program may be nominated by teachers.  Students will be selected for entry into SEEP according to the following:

  • Nominations by subject teacher
  • School report (most recent) and NAPLAN results
  • TESTING:  Nominated students currently in Grades 3 and 4 will be assessed internally. Nominated students in Grades 5 to Year 8 must sit a HAST test in 2018 for the 2019 intake
  • Interview with students

Students currently in the SEEP Program must also sit the HAST Test to assess eligibility to remain in the Program for the following year.  Students currently studying Years 5 to 8, are also eligible for scholarship in the following year, based on their HAST results.  They will be required to sit the ACER High Ability Selection Test for scholarships which will take place during Term 3.  Successful applicants will be sent their offers in the mail.

Please note students intending on enrolling at Al-Taqwa College will still be required to follow the general enrolment process.

Further enquiries on the SEEP application process should be directed to: Shabana Chowdhry (Primary) or Jia Chew (Secondary) on 9269 5000.