What is Guidance TV Australia?

Guidance TV Australia is the first 24/7 streaming channel on YouTube that broadcasts quality Islamic programming.  Based in Melbourne Australia, we are streaming original content produced by the Al-Taqwa Media Department consisting of Islamic lectures, documentaries, news programs and other productions.  Driven by our principal Mr Omar Hallak’s vision, we intend to broadcast kid-friendly programming that educate the general community about the values of Islam and spread the truth about our religion.  While the TV channel is live 24/7, below are a sample of the types of programming we offer.

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General Videos

Sheikh Mohammad Khodr Interview by Mr Omar Hallak

Interview with Sheikh Abdel Aziem by Mr Omar Hallak

Ramadan Through the Years at Al-Taqwa College

Mosque Etiquette

Primary Sudents Recite Surah Ar Rahman and Al Israa

Remembering Our Sheikh Abdel Aziem Al-Afifi

Islamic Lectures & Presentations

Imam Mohamad Fadil – Understanding the Praises of Allah

Imam Mohamad Fadil – Etiquette of Making Duaa

Imam Mohamad Fadil – Duaa is Your Connection with Allah

Dr M Hidayat Nur Wahid – Importance of Internalizing the Quran

Dr Hayssam Alrifai – Perfecting Your Acts of Worship

Dr Hayssan Alrifai – How to Improve our Islam During Ramadan

Br Waseem Razvi – Ramadan in Lockdown

Br Waseem Razvi – Virtues of Ramadan

Br Waseem Razvi – Ramadan Fever – Preparing for Ramadan

Br Waseem Razvi – Benefits of Reading Quran

Sheikh Zaid Bakkar – A Ramadan in the COVID-19 Era

Sheikh Zaid Bakkar – Reminder Before Ramadan

Ramadan Gems Interview with Sheikh Warsama Bulhan – I’tikaf

Ramadan Gems Interview with Sheikh Warsama Bulhan – Giving Zakat and Ruling for Travellers

Ramadan Gems Interview with Sheikh Warsama Bulhan – Making Duaa and Last 10 Days of Ramadan