Must-See Videos

These popular videos are the ones you cannot miss!

Egyptian MIsadventure

Make a Difference, Shape the Future at Al-Taqwa College

ATC Media Splash Video

Focus on Ability Short Film Festival Entries

A series of videos we created for an annual film festival focused on the abilities of those with a disability.  Many of these entires are winners in the international event!

Mariam the Majestic

“Optism” and the Unbreakable Friendship

Layla’s Condition

Ammar’s Wonderful World of Dyslexia

Hear in My Shoes

Film Festival Entries

Al-Taqwa has participated in many video competitions and film festivals and won a few awards!  Here are our selection of entries.

Ramadan – Around the World in Five Tables

To Colombia and Beyond – a Video Entry to VMCC Multicultural Film Festival

My Family’s Bosnian Heritage and Culture

Surviving 2020 – Stories of Self Discovery and Overcoming Adversity

Amina Y8 Entry for ISV Poetry Competition

False Connections – ATOM 1-Minute Film Entry

Dream Diagnosis – WINNER ATOM 1-Minute Film Entry 2021

Mr B Hurdwell and the Custodian

Mystery of Curiosity the Duck

You Me We are Victorian – WINNER 2018 Victorian Multicultural Film Festival

Coles Rainbow Challenge Video Contest Entry

Be Careful What You Wish For

My Grade 6 Quarantine Journal – ISV Entry

Maryam Y8 Entry for ISV Poetry Competition

Islamic and Community Videos

Mosque events and other videos here

Interview with Sheikh Mohammad Khodr (Lebanon)

Remembering Our Sheikh Abdel Aziem

Eid al-Fitr at Al-Taqwa 2019

Interview with Sheikh Abdel Aziem

Ramadan at Home – Media Elective Students

Wudu and Mosque Behaviour

Monologue Skits

Media students over the years have been tasked with bringing a character to life!  They are given a script and must memorise them and use props to act out the character.

2022 Grade 4/5 Monologues

2022 Grades 2/3 Monologues

2020 Comedic Monologue Set 2

Comedic Scripts 2019

Comedic Scripts 2019

2020 Comedic Monologues Set 1

Graduation Videos

This is a series of videos we created to be shown at graduation events throughout the years.

2022 Grade 5 Graduation Video – Students’ Reflections

2022 Grade 5 Graduations – A Special Thanks to Parents

Thank You Parents – 2018 Grade 6 Graduation Video

2021 Grade 6 Graduation – a Lockdown Year

2021 Grade 5 Graduation – Classroom Activities

All Fired Up – 2019 Grade 6 Graduation Video

2022 Grade 5 Graduation – Teachers’ Messages

Grade 6 Graduation 2020 – A Lasting Impression Poem

Grade 6 Graduation 2020 – A Time Capsule Video

Visions of the Future – 2018 Grade 6 Graduation Video

2017 Grade 6 Graduation Video – Preparing Yourself for High School

Thank You Parents – 2018 Grade 6 Graduation Video

The Last Time… – a 2018 Grade 6 Graduation Video


The students interview important guests to our school.  See if you recognise some of the faces in the series!

2022 ATAR High Achievers Interview

Oliver Phommavanh Interview 2019

Interview with Morris Gleitzman 2019

Interview with Boori Monty Pryor by Razan (G5) 2022

Let’s Talk! with Bachar Houli – Importance of Family and Work Balance – 2021

Let’s Talk! with Bachar Houli – Life as a Footballer & Memories at Al-Taqwa College – 2021

Al-Kalimah Ep 102 – Chinese School Visitors

Al Kalimah Ep 101 – GIBS visitors from Indonesia

Oliver Phommavanh Interview 2018

Islamic and Community Events

This is a series of special events at our Masjid and School.

ATC Welcomes Ramadan 2022

The Faith, the Journey

Athan Journey – a 2021 Program

Al-Taqwa Eid Greeting 2021

Ramadan Through the Years

Islamic Values

These short films focus on various Islamic values.

The Other Son

Life Without Them

The Quince Tree

The Palm Tree

Sunnah Man Ep 2

Sunnah Man Ep 1

School Presentations

These are performances and other special productions by the school.

Make a Difference – Shape the Future

Al-Taqwa College’s New Sports Hall Teaser

Al-Taqwa College Virtual Tour

Jamie Oliver Healthy Eating Pilot Program

Parents-Teacher Bonding Sessions Grades 4,5 & 6

Masterchef Al-Taqwa Final Round

Students Discuss Cyberbullying

Al-Taqwa from the Sky

ATC Internal Film Competition 2021 Winners Announcement

Major School Events

These are major school events.

2023 First Day of School 

100 Days of Foundation 2022

2022 Dress-up Day – From Land to Sea

Day of Solidarity – 2019

2021 Year 12 PIcnic

ATC Now!

Students from secondary and primary school help produce and star in these periodical news casts covering latest happenings, sports, and other issues around Al-Taqwa. To stay in the loop, catch the latest episode of ATC Now!

ATC Now! Newscast Episode 601

ATC Now! Juniors Edition Ep 101 – Term 2 2022

ATC Now! Newscast Episode 501

ATC Now! Newscast Episode 503

ATC Now! Newscast Episode 502

ATC Now! Newscast Episode 501

ATC Now! Love Your Locals Special

ATC Now! 2020 Ramadan Edition 

ATC Now! Clean Up Australia Day Special

Student-Created Films

We have challenged students to tap into their creativity to create their own unique content.  Some of these videos were created with a specific theme in mind.

Skateboarding is My Oxygen. A Film by Leyla Y5

Zainab the Parking Inspector (Zainab Y6)

My Sister, Reimagined (Sheza Y7)

My Reimaginary Friend. A Soliloquy by Fatimah Y6

Remembering the Past is to Plan for the Future. A Film by Amina Y7

Tale of Two Boxes – a Renewed Perspective. Film by Maisam and Sumaya Y7

My Love for Books – a Film Competition Entry by Aakif 5A

Quran Memorisation – a Film Competition Entry by Mysha 5B

Skateboarding – a Film Competition Entry by Simrah Jehan 5F

My Video Editing Journey. A Film by Ali G5

Three Adventurous Rabbits. A Film by Eimaan-Fatima Y5

Rubik’s Cube – A Film Competition Entry by Haider 5C