Al Quds Journal

Al Quds Journal is a Secondary school writing journal that aims to encourage our students to write and showcase their written work. Students meet once a week to discuss their writing and receive guidance and support from Ms. Shimaa Halima. Students write in various forms and styles, these include short story, poetry writing, narrative writing, school essays, etc.

Students working on the Editor’s team work collaboratively on writing, collating and editing written pieces of their own work or their fellow students. Participation is open for all students across the Secondary year levels 7- 12. The writing journal is published once a term.

Writing Competitions will be announced throughout the year and all students are encouraged to participate and contribute their knowledge to the writing journal.
So far our students have been working exceptionally and have produced excellent pieces of writing, I would like to acknowledge their outstanding efforts and encourage them to keep writing.
Organised by Ms. Shimaa Halima
Secondary School English Teacher – Extra Curricular Activities (Assistant Head)