April 2018

ARTS Department Excursion to TOP Design and the NGV

On Tuesday 23rd of April, 2018, Our Year 11&12 Visual Communication Design & Studio Art students and five selected students from year 9&10 travelled to Melbourne to visit the Top Design exhibition and the National Gallery of Victoria International.
Top Designs 2016 exhibits top student work from Visual Communication Design, Media, Fashion, Product Design, Food Technology and Systems Engineering, providing an insight into young people’s ideas, thinking and creative practices. Our students gained a great deal of insight regarding the standards of work and folio preparation.

The exhibitions at the NGV international presented outstanding work by students who have completed Art or Studio Arts studies in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), providing insight into young people’s ideas, thinking and creative practices and a hands-on opportunity for students to look closely at the visual diaries, sketchbooks and folios completed by exhibiting students to meet the requirements of the VCE Art and Studio Arts study designs.

The quality of work presented was breathtaking, it was a great opportunity for our students to look through Folios from areas of Visual Communications; Media; Product Design and Technology in Wood, Metal, Textiles, Jewelry and Food; Systems Engineering; and Multi Media. The final Products and Artworks were also presented at the Exhibition. Students were able to really understand what will be expected of them in terms of their studies, aims and their SAT Folios. The students made comments about the size of each Folio and the way artwork and developmental processes were presented in the Folios. All were very impressed.

I would like to commend all of the students for their presentation in uniform to attend the Excursion and their constant demonstration of manners and polite behaviour whether on the bus or in public. Students were exceptionally well behaved. I would like to thank school management, Mr Christopher Hayes and Ms Elif Yavus for this opportunity for our students to see the Folios, Products and artworks at the Melbourne Museum and the NGV International as this will be invaluable to the students who attended. Your commitments, Team work, positive spirit and efforts provided a fun and rewarding day for all.
It is gratifying to see our students interest and engagement.

— Farid Benserai


AFL Wyndham Tournament
On 23 April two ATC Football teams competed in the Wyndham AFL Cup. The first team involved the year 7-8s, the second were year 9-10s. Both teams finished with both a win and a loss by the end of the day, however it was an amazing performance put on by all of the boys playing on both days.
All students showed a great sense of competitiveness and determination, as well as great sportsmanship, and good behavior. They tried their best to accomplish 2 wins, but fell short in the end. The captain of the 7-8 team Omar El-Abdallah, and 9-10 team Ezzat Haddara were fantastic with the way they caried out the role, and presented a great commitment to represent Al-Taqwa College.
Some big mentions for best players of the day for our team who played very well:
Abed Razak Chandab
Adam Uweinat
Adam Abdelmula
Adnan Abdurahman
Hamza Jawad
Mohammed Dramay
Bader Ismail
Mohamed Abdi
Adam Boukhalil
Lukmain Haddara
Mohammed Melhem

March 2018

Grade 3 Visit to CERES

As part of our integrated topic, students went on an excursion to CERES in week 6 to discover traditional Aboriginal and contemporary celebrations, customs and traditions.

Students were engaged in exploring bush food plants on site and identify indigenous plant species to learn about their uses for food, drink and medicine. They enjoyed learning about Aboriginal 6 season’s calendar.


Our grade 3’s gained an understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islander country and geography and learn about the history and culture of the Wurundjeri people. To extend their understanding of dreamtime, they participated in dreamtime story of Tiddalik the Frog.

Students loved the tactics of throwing a Boomerang and were excited to try it. We all had an amazing experience in exploring the Aboriginal Culture.


— Rafia Reshma

Grade 3


February 2018

Cricket – 20 February

Our Year 9 & 10 Boys played cricket on 20 February at the Goddard Street Reserve.  Out of the three games played, the boys from the great Al-Taqwa College won all three! A perfect record to get them in to the finals against the pool B champions.

The boys beat the first team from The Grange with seven wickets to spare, batting second and chasing 40 runs in just seven of the ten overs.

ATC went on to batting second again against Tarneit College in the second game to smash the opposition again by chasing 30 runs with no outs. They bowled seven out in their innings within ten overs.

Their last game against Good News Lutheran College put the icing on the cake with a dominating performance. We batted first this time, scoring 57 in nine overs! Only one out, but was a fantastic performance. The boys kept Good News to only 37 runs in the nine overs.

The captains Mohamed and Youssef lead us to a successful day. Mohamed scored an easy 65-70 runs, got himself about eight wickets and displayed an inspiring captaincy role the entire day. He did his best to get all players involved and really performed spectacularly.

Ezzat, Alif, with the deadly twins, Musa and Eisa also played very well, scoring countless runs, gaining wickets and fielding as good as the Aussies in the ashes.

Yassein was the only Year 8 student present on the day, but he schooled all the big boys with his bat, hitting a few boundaries for a number of four’s as an opening batsmen, representing his school with great pride to victory.

The sportsmanship of the boys was fantastic, as they respected their opponents and the umpires, as well as each other. A big thanks to brother Ahmed El Hassan! As he helped with umpiring and maintaining the boys in a good batting order

Finalists of pool B, look out here ATC come!!!

Abdul Wahid Abdo

Secondary PE


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